10 years ago, things weren’t well and I knew it. I tried everything to improve my “situation”.

Three years later, things were even tougher.


I graduated in arts, then in design. This is my job: whether I am in the mood or not, I paint or teach art.

When I am not well, I paint more. During those tough days I painted even more than usual. I would paint several pictures at the same time, I was insane, confused. I knew that I needed to release all that energy.


I decided to paint very wet on canvas as I wanted the colours (and my life) to flow. Artworks were laying everywhere on the floor of my studio, so that the liquid paint would not drip. I would leave them in the same position to dry overnight. 

Day after day, I would do the same, layering the colours on about many canvases of varying but large sizes.

One day, I arrived to paint as usual.  I walked around the canvases to see how the paint had dried. And then I looked at a particular canvas which I had been working on from a new angle.


That is when I recognized the shape I had painted: It was an angel. The Guardian.

Once I had seen it, I could not paint over it. So I just enhanced some parts and left it very simple.


This angel has been with me since then. I took it to many places, exhibitions and fairs.

People would be looking at him for very long.

I had amazing conversations and made new friends thanks to this artwork.

But he stayed with me. I always knew that he was not just meant to be with ONE, but with EVERYONE.


On 8-18-2018 I found THE TINY PROJECT challenge in my mailbox - and the ONEANGELFORYOU project was born.

Alexandra Franzen, thanks to you, ONEANGEL will go around the world.


Patricia Cabaleiro








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